Job-A-Palooza connects students with potential employers


Son Nguyen

(From Left) Dave Reszkowski and Taylor Legan greet student Jake Hunter while representing Target at Job-A-Palooza, March 16, 2016

Marshall University Career Services Center hosted Job-a-Palooza Wednesday.

The Memorial Student Center was filled with 26 representatives from various businesses and organizations in the community.

Rychelle Moses represented Huntington’s Branches Domestic Violence Shelter and said college students make great employees.

“College students are generally a really good demographic because they’re younger and typically very social,” Moses said. “College aged students are usually easy to talk to and get along with because they’re trying to get through schooling and start their careers.”

Each business had a table with information packets and job applications ready for students to fill out.

Senior Lisa Fry said students should not miss out on opportunities like Job-A-Palooza.

“It is an excellent opportunity to market yourself,” Fry said. “Anytime Marshall offers an opportunity such as this, it’s important for college students to take that opportunity.”

Fry said job fairs are meant to make the hunt for a job easier for students.

“There’s no other place you’re going to go that’s going to have several numbers of employers available for you at one time,” Fry said. “You don’t have to drive to every business, they’re all right here. You can find what you like and what you’re interested in immediately.”

Representative from the Autism Services Center Lisa Boster said the businesses that participated in Job-A-Palooza provided great opportunities to students and understood the struggles of going to school and keeping a job.

“Most of our employees start out as Marshall students and we work around students’ schedules,” Boster said. 

Positions offered range from permanent part-time, seasonal part-time and internship opportunities, but no on-campus employers participated.

“I would encourage everyone to go and take advantage of these opportunities,” Fry said. “Even if you have a job you love, go because you never know who’s going to be there or if you’ll find something you like even better.”

Job-A-Palooza was open to students, alumni and faculty.

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