Big Sandy Arena Show Cancelled


Country musician Lee Brice’s upcoming show at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena was cancelled due to his performing mate’s emergency surgery.

Big Sandy Superstore Arena Marketing and Sales manager Cara Hedrick said the show would be cancelled due to the opening act’s “health reasons.”

Brice’s friend Tyler Farr, who had intended to tour across several of the dates, will have to undergo “emergency vocal surgery” and “enforced rest” according to a press release from Shore Fire Media.

The show, a part of Brice’s “Life Off My Years” tour that kicked off February 4, will now feature performances from the duo Maddie & Tae, as well as artists Clare Dunn and Jerrod Neimann.

The country artist will still feature artist Dylan Scott at every tour stop, with the other three performances divided between specific dates.

The press release from Shore Fire Media said cancellations would be occurring across three tour spots, of which the Huntington tour date is not included but instead noted “direct support TBA.”

“I always stand by my friends and I’m grateful that Maddie & Tae, Clare and Jerrod will join me on these dates,” Brice said in a press release. “Touring with Tyler promised a lot of fun, but knowing this group of artists, I wholeheartedly believe people coming to these shows will have a great time. I can’t wait to get on the road and mix it up with these guys — I know I’m ready, and so are the fans.”


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