Closing of Harless and 17th St. affects students


Ryan Fischer

Renovations on Harless Dining Hall will begin Thursday. The construction will close the dining hall as well as 17th Street.


Harless Dining Hall and 17th Street will be closing this week due to new heat and air systems coming into the dining hall.

Beginning Thursday, January 28 students will not be able to eat at Harless nor will anyone be able to enter the building while the crane is removing the old systems and installing the new ones.

Parking areas will still be open coming from Sixth Avenue but the rest of 17th Street will be shut down for this operation.

“With Harless Dining Hall being closed students may have to go spend money at fast food places,” said sophomore, Amy Tennant. “Some college students don’t have the money to go out and buy food for three days. They are dependent on the food here on our campus.”

Towers Dining Hall will remain open and students will be able to use their meal plans there while Harless is closed.

“With Harless being closed for three days I feel like it will really affect students,” said senior, Chelsea Slater.  “Students rely on their unlimited meal plans,” Slater said. “This situation will leave Towers Dining Hall the only dining hall open therefore it will be very crowded and it may not allow students enough time to eat then get to class.”

The estimated time for the instillation to be completed is on Saturday, January 30. Students will be able to access Harless after the 30th.

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