Lemonade Day helps kids learn about business


Ryan Fischer

Lemonade Day helps children build their businesses from the ground up.

While partnering for a lemonade project, the Marshall Early Education STEM Center and the Lewis College of Business spent Thursday helping children sell lemonade.
I decided to buy lemonade because when I walked out of the student center, I saw how cute the kids were,” senior psychology major Angelica Villanueva said. “I just wanted to support them because I am sure it took a lot for them to come out here and sell lemonade to raise money.”
While children were preparing for their big debut, COB students helped advertise and prepare their lemonade stand, which lead to a successful day for the kids.
They’re kids and kids just want to help out in any way they can,” said senior psychology major Jaylyn Sye. “Buying lemonade from them is not only supporting them, but showing them that they can succeed.”
Since the beginning of the project, children have created their own businesses in the form of lemonade stands.
I think it’s a great project for the kids,” said Amanda Queen, whose daughter Josie Queen participated in this event. “They have had to develop it from the beginning and learn a little bit about business, and they had to figure out what it would take to start business and the work that they have to put in for the project.”
The children
raised $471.32. Proceeds go to the center to help provide for the children.
“We are thrilled with the children’s efforts and hard work,” lead studio educator for Marshall EE STEM Claire McCoy said.

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