Protect and serve, don’t body slam children

The Internet has exploded after video of a police officer pulling a student off a seat and dragging the student on the ground has made rounds on social media.

The student was repeatedly asked to leave the classroom in a high school in Richland County, South Carolina. After refusing to make an exit, the school’s security officer came into the room and put his hands on the student, throwing the young woman and her desk to the ground. The student was charged with disrupting the school environment and was released to her parents following the incident.

After the video went viral, many questions came to light. What made this officer think putting his hands on a student was an appropriate response? These officers are inside of these schools to ensure student safety. The hypocrisy of this one officer alone dilutes the credibility of departments around the U.S.

The Sheriff of the Richland County department could not speak on whether or not the deputy who assaulted the student had a record of any prior problems with abusing his power.

This brings forth more questions.

What, if any, screening processes do these officers go through before being placed into schools? With school shootings hitting almost epidemic levels in the country, violence is the last thing that needs to be integrated in U.S. schools. Allowing these officers to be placed without more stringent rules or tests is perpetuating an idea that schools are a hub for violence.

Demand the officers in local schools to be screened for crimes or any past altercations. This isn’t to say problems with violence do not come out of nowhere sometimes, but with a little bit of extra work, citizens could prevent an instigator from being around one of our most precious assets, the children and future leaders of the U.S.