INTO teaches study habits

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Marshall University’s INTO program held a midterm prep program Oct. 8 at 5 p.m. to help students better prepare for midterm meltdowns. INTO staff said the purpose of the program was to help students study successfully and be completely prepared for their midterm.

Kenneth Jones, student engagement coordinator gave students tricks on how to study and take tests. Jones’ tips included; chewing gum when studying and taking tests, using acronyms to better remember things and not pulling all-nighters but instead studying before going to bed. Jones said students should take small breaks during long study sessions so their brains do not become bored while studying.

“I just wanted to give the students different outlets on how to study and especially American traditions,” Jones said. “Studying in different cultures is very different than it is here. I’m happy with how the event went. If was a only able to help one student I would be happy because I would have helped one student be prepared better for midterms and how to study.”

The INTO office has other programs this month including a Dating and Sex in America discussion.

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