Column: XOXO, Michael Brown

The readers submitted some questions about life, love and everything in between. I answered them as honest as I knew possible. I’m here to keep it real with you when no one else is and to answer with no judgment because I don’t know you! I’m just a college senior who enjoys giving his opinion. Here are some of the questions I got this week:

What is one food that you couldn’t live without?

Oh, wow, picking only one is the hardest part. If I absolutely only had to pick one, I would pick chicken nuggets, snack cakes, or how could I forget fried fish? I’m sorry, I can’t just pick one. I literally love to eat. Eating brings me so much joy and seriously gets me through my day.

Who is your favorite artist?

This is an easy one. Hands down, Adele. She is my queen and I am so in love with her.

If you were stranded on an island what are three things that you would take with you and why?

If I were stuck on an island, I would bring my Harry Potter books, a knife and a pack of matches. In no way, shape or form am I a hunter, but I don’t think I would have a choice in this situation.

Could you be with someone who has a lot of insecurities? What is the breaking point?

No, thank you. I need a strong, independent, confident black man, please and thank you.

What would be a deal breaker for you in a relationship?

This depends how invested I am within the relationship and what the deal breaker is. If we’re talking cheating, I think I’d try and work things out if, and only if, I am already deeply invested. I wouldn’t tell anyone that I had been cheated on because I don’t want to hear what other people have to say about it. I also need consistency. I need to know you’re really down for me. Honestly, I think I’m hard to be with, I am kind of crazy, so anyone who can put up with me will get some sort of second chance before enough is enough.

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