Column: XOXO, Michael Brown

The readers submitted some questions about life, love and everything in between. I answered them as honest as I knew possible. I’m here to keep it real with you when no one else is and to answer with no judgment because I don’t know you! I’m just a college senior who enjoys giving his opinion. Here are some of the questions I got this week:

What do you think about Women’s History Month?

I don’t think women get enough credit. Women carry life and there is something so beautiful about that. We should celebrate women and all that they do more often. We all too often undermine a lot of individuals, though. Just give credit where it’s due, people.

How do you feel about how fast graduation is approaching?

I am scared as hell and so excited at the same time. I need a job that I enjoy and a sugar daddy. I need to find an apartment too, because I really don’t want to have to be back living with my dad for longer than a month after graduation, and a month is a bit of a stretch. I’ve been doing a lot of praying about my post graduation life, though. I am confident everything will be good in the long run.

Did you give up anything for Lent?

Yeah, I did actually.

Has your last semester of college been easy?

Not at all, I am beyond stressed. I wish it was just a breeze and all I was worried about was a paper or two, reading a few articles and coming to class, but that’s not the case. I am in two campaigns classes with a total of 19 credit hours, interning and working two other jobs. I should’ve taken more classes early on in my college career.

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