Mexican students, faculty to reside in student housing

Zach Wright, Reporter

Marshall University will soon be housing students and faculty from Mexico in various campus residence halls.

The students and faculty will arrive Saturday, and will reside in the residence halls until Dec. 6. The students are a part of the INTO Marshall program.

John Yaun, director of housing and residence life, said the residence halls would be adjusted to house the 160 incoming students and faculty.

“The new students will be placed in empty rooms in Buskirk Hall, Holderby Hall, Twin Towers East and Twin Towers West,” Yaun said. “The study lounges in TTE and TTW are also being renovated to accommodate them.”

Yaun said current residents have also made adjustments for the students to help make room for all the incoming people.

“Students that were originally signed up for double rooms and ended up with single rooms were approached by residence hall staff,” Yaun said. “These students

were asked if they would house a roommate for the five weeks.”

Yaun said the students who were approached were receptive to the idea.

“About 33 students agreed to house a roommate with them,” Yaun said. “The new students will be placed with these roommates, and throughout the university residence halls.”

Yaun said the study lounges are undergoing changes now to be prepared for the new arrivals.

“The study lounges are being furnished with more furniture and beds,” Yaun said. “They will resemble regular residence hall living spaces.”

Because of the new students occupying the study lounges, they will be temporarily closed to the current residents of TTE and TTW.

To compensate, Yaun said other areas of the residence halls would be made available to study or socialize.

“In TTW, the lobby and the TTW Classroom will be made available for use by the current students,” Yaun said. “For TTE residents, the lobby and the Towers Learning Center will be available for use by the current students.”

Students can always check the availability of the Towers West Classroom or the Towers Learning Center in Towers East by checking with the front desk.

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