Jeselnik open Marshall Artists Series with a comedy show Thursday

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik kicks off the Marshall Artists Series on Oct. first at 7:30 p.m.

“The season begins with a night of comedy, and people seem to be excited for this year’s lineup,” Marketing Director for the Marshall Artists Series, Angela Jones said.

This is the 1st time Jeselnik has ever been to Huntington, but said he is familiar with the area.

“I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I’m familiar with West Virginia. I have never been to Marshall University, but I am excited to visit,” Jeselnik said.

Jeselnik said that after he graduated from college, he did not know what he wanted to do for a living.

“I thought I wanted to be a joke writer, so I started by doing standup,” Jeselnik said.

Jeselnik said once he started doing standup comedy, he loved it. Jeselnik decided to stick to comedy and has been a comedian for 13 years.

“Standup comedy is meditative for me. I try to turn my brain off and I wait for a response from the audience.””

— Anthony Jeselnik

“My favorite part about being a comedian is getting to live the life,” Jeselnik said.

Jeselnik said that he enjoys not having to wake up early. Jeselnik said that as a comedian, he plays by a different set of rules.

When Jeselnik performs, he said there is nothing on his mind and he tries to be in the moment.

“Standup comedy is meditative for me. I try to turn my brain off and I wait for a response from the audience,” Jeselnik said.

Jeselnik said that those in attendance need to remember a few things about his show.

Jeselnik said for everything you think he will not talk about, he will have at least 2 jokes on the subject.

Some may think that there are things Jeselnik will not bring up, but he said that is not the case. Jeselnik said not much is off limits.

Tickets can be bought by visiting the box office at the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center located on Fifth Avenue or by calling 304-696-6656.

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