International Film Festival returns to Marshall University


The International Film Festival has returned to Marshall University.

The festival is weeklong with six films shown three times each throughout the week.

“It’s a really fun event. It’s more intellectual, but it’s still fun because the films have entertainment value,” said Angela Jones, director of marketing and external affairs for the Marshall Artists Series.

Jones said the festival is a good way to experience other languages and cultures in an inexpensive and less time-consuming manner.

“You can just travel around the world in a week and visit six different countries,” Jones said.

Jones said some professors use the festival as a learning tool for their students. Some professors use the festival as part of their curriculum and require students to attend or offer extra credit for attendance.

“You can just travel around the world in a week and visit six different countries.”

— Angela Jones

“Sometimes a student may come because a professor required them to do so, but then they will come back because of how much they liked the film,” Jones said.

Jones said she finds value in the festival, along with others in the Marshall family.

“The International Film Festival is an outstanding contribution to our university,” said Cortney Robateau, Marshall alumna.

Robateau said the film festival is a wonderful way to bring together students, staff and alumni for evenings of cultural diversity.

Jones said she encourages students to visit the Artists Series website and come to festival. Jones said students may be surprised at how interested in the films they may become.

The films that will be shown for the fall International Film Festival include “Citizenfour” in English, “Landfillharmonic” in English and Spanish, “Phoenix” in German,  “Tangerines” in Estonian and Russian, “Two Days, One Night” in French and “Wild Tales” in Spanish.

Tickets do not need to be purchased in advance. Students need to bring their student IDs to the door at the Keith Albee Theater for admittance.

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