WMUL-FM gears up for College Radio Day

Kelly Pate, Reporter

Marshall University’s student radio station, WMUL-FM, joins colleges around the world for College Radio Day Friday.

The station will have a live remote playing music at the Memorial Student Center plaza 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. WMUL staff will speak about what College Radio Day is and the importance of the day to the community.

The purpose of College Radio Day is to raise awareness of college and high school radio stations that operate around the country by encouraging people who would not normally listen to student-run stations to do so on this day.

Amanda Reesman, news director at WMUL, said the station is very special to her.

“College radio means a ton coming from someone who is involved with it,” Reesman said. “I got my start at WMUL. I met all my friends from working at the station. It is such a big part of my life now.”

Adam Rogers, executive director at WMUL, was given the opportunity to collaborate with other college radio stations by giving a shout-out in a circulated program.

“They put the program in syndication that all the radio stations that are part of college radio day will be airing,” Rogers said. “For us to be a part of that syndicated program is really great for us and college radio in general. To have the student stations interact with each other and involve each other as much as they can is great.”

Rogers said the station means so much more to the community than people think.

“When we’re broadcasting, people walk up and say how much they truly appreciate what we do for the community,” Rogers said. “They genuinely appreciate the coverage and support that they get. That puts the biggest smile on my face.”

Rogers also said he has a personal tie to college radio that will prepare him for his future.

“If college radio wasn’t around, there would be a lot of people who are not in the positions they are in today,” Rogers said. “WMUL has helped me prepare with real experience for the rest of my life.”

WMUL will play the hour-long syndicated program after the live broadcast. According to the College Radio Day website, the program includes exclusive audio from Sean Astin, Ty Segall, Sugarcult, Twin Peaks and others.

Kelly Pate can be contacted at pate20@ marshall.edu.