Rec Center triathlon benefits local foster children

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The Rec Center had an indoor triathlon for adults and children to participate in benefiting NECCO, a company that helps foster children in the Huntington area.

The triathlon included swimming, biking and running.

Michele Muth, director of marketing and events at the Rec Center, said there is always a little bit of chaos when it comes to this kind of event, but it always comes together.

“It’s different than a normal triathlon,” Muth said. “It’s different than a 5k, it’s indoors. It’s just different and it’s small so it’s good practice if you’re going to do big ones outside over the summer.”

Muth said she does not swim and unlike the Pump and Run event, she did not participate.

“I can swim, I just hate it.” Muth said. “People think they can do twelve laps like it’s nothing and it’s hard.”

Marshall students Kayla Fizer and Jessie Swiger stressed the importance of preparation for events like the triathlon. They trained for approximately six weeks.

It’s different than a normal triathlon. It’s different than a 5k, it’s indoors – so it’s good practice if you’re going to do big ones outside over the summer.”

— Michele Muth

“Actually go through a mock trial of it,” Fizer said. “That’s what we did, but we haven’t done it  every day, we’ve done it a few times just to get the hang of it and see what our times are.”

Swiger said it is important to practice strengths even if weaknesses are in focus because if not, it will hurt results in the long run.

“Sometimes what people will do if they’re a strong runner, they’ll just focus on biking and swimming, but you’re actually hurting yourself by not training for all three,” Swiger said.

Swiger said the triathlon is not something competitive for her and Fizer. They compete to finish.

Fizer and Swiger said they have also participated in 5ks. Fizer does Cross Fit about five or six days a week and Swiger regularly attends the gym.

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