Ramen noodle cook-off inspires creative dishes

Ramen noodles were sliced, diced and sautéed for the annual Ramen noodle cook-off sponsored by the Marshall University Dean Student Advisory Board of the College of Business.

Beta Alpha Psi, a student organization within the College of Business also helped with the event.

Contestants made a wide variety of dishes from Cajun macaroni and cheese Ramen to s’mores Ramen.

Dallas Brozik, a Marshall professor said he has participated at the Ramen noodle cook-off since it began five years ago.

“It’s just fun all the time,” Brozik said. “It’s not like it’s ever going to probably make the Academy Awards but everyone who comes has a great time, it’s good food and you get bragging rights.”

A few of the Ramen chefs tested the recipes they found online at the challenge or the night before. The contestants were also given ample time to cook.

The duo of Brandon Walters and Laiken Boggs, who made s’mores noodles, said they participated in the cook-off because it was something different.

“It’s weird like us,” Boggs said.

Accounting major Josh Ison grew up in Japan and decided to make the traditional Japanese noodle dish of yaki soba and shared some insight on the dish.

“We would eat it off the block (eating the ramen without cooking it),” Ison said. “I don’t know if everyone did that, but we did.”

Contestants were not allowed to spend more than $5 for ingredients.

The corn chowder trio of Marshall students Kaitlyn Lockney, Austin Creel and Mckenzie Lloyd used coupons to stay under their limit.

Chocolate, cheese, mushrooms, parsley and the secret ingredient of peanut butter were some of the unexpected ingredients turned into noodle dishes.

Participant and Marshall junior Morgan Henderson said she was elated and surprised about the cook-off.

“I didn’t even know that Ramen noodle cook-offs were a thing until my accounting class, Henderson said.

After three rounds, it was the faculty duo of Nancy Lankton and Amanda Thompson-Abbot who won the Ramen noodle cook-off in the championship round. Their dish consisted of peanut butter, chocolate, whipped cream, cherries and, of course, Ramen noodles.

Contestants were not asked to pay to participate, but they were asked to bring a jar of peanut butter for the Huntington Food Bank.

More than 30 jars of Peanut Butter were donated.

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