Herd band director leads Marching Thunder in new direction


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Members of the Marching Thunder drum line perform at the Marshall vs. Middle Tennessee Homecoming game Oct. 11, 2014.

Marshall University Marching Thunder is undergoing reconstruction and is fundraising for new uniforms.
Herd Band Director Adam Dalton said he is trying to take the Marching Thunder in a new direction.
“One of the things that I really liked this year was that I didn’t change a whole lot, but I did change some things,” Dalton said. “They were so receptive to change and so receptive to try something different.”
The band has used the same uniforms for 11 years.
Drum line member Alex Hersman said he is anxious to discover more of Dalton’s musical style and the direction he is taking Marching Thunder.
“Hopefully, we will not have repetitive shows when we know everything before we even get on the field [in comparison to prior years],” Hersman said.
Dalton said the Marching Thunder is offering a new energy this year.
“Everyone has been so willing and helpful to go in another direction,” Dalton said.
The new uniforms have Marshall’s official colors of kelly green and white.
Dalton said the band played after most plays and every timeout during the previous football season as a way to get the crowd involved and get more people on their feet.
According to Dalton, the uniforms will contribute to what most people envision when they think of a Division I band program
“Having a band that is active, supportive and relevant in the games as opposed to something that is there for a little bit, is part of it,” Dalton said. “When you go to a football or a basketball game you don’t remember every play, touchdown or point but you remember the experience.”
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