Local Bridge Experiences Construction Delay


Sarah Davis, Staff Reporter

The Robert C. Byrd Bridge in Huntington, West Virginia, will remain open to travelers after a scheduled construction-closure was delayed, the West Virginia Department of Transportation announced on Thursday, March 23. 

Also known as the Sixth Street Bridge, the 29-year-old, 720-foot structure serves as a roadway for the tri-state community and allows travelers to cross into Ohio. The bridge continues West Virginia Route 527 across the Ohio River.

According to a news release from the West Virginia Department of Transportation, KMX Painting Inc. was given $10.3 million to complete the construction, which includes cleaning and painting, in December 2022. 

The project’s delay comes amid various active construction zones in the tri-state area, including the Interstate 64 expansion and Hal Greer Boulevard project.

KMX Painting Inc.’s delay of the project, formerly set to begin on Monday, March 27, is due to the solidification of detour and timing details, according to the release. 

Rob Pennington, West Virginia Division of Highways’ District 2 engineer, said in the release that the closing of the bridge is a necessary one.

“The Robert C. Byrd Bridge is one of our major highway structures that spans the Ohio River and provides an important local link to the city of Huntington as well as a regional connection between the states of Ohio and West Virginia,” he said. “Completely closing the bridge during the project will allow the project to be completed quicker, more efficiently and more safely for the traveling public.”

It is unclear at this time when the project will resume. 

Detours will be marked, according to the release, when construction begins. Travelers can use the West Huntington Bridge (17th street) and the East Huntington Bridge (31st street) to enter into Ohio during the project.