Capstone Student Artwork Displays

Joseph DiCristofaro, Student Reporter

Senior art students will display their capstone projects that use a variety of different types of media from March 27 through April 20 at the Visual Arts Center.

Four different groups of students will display their works at the Charles W. and Norma C. Gallery each week leading up to Spring Commencement. During that time, staff will conduct votes on the best pieces which will be featured at the Birke Art Gallery the week of graduation.

Graphic design, photography, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and many more media types will be exhibited. 

“Throughout the class time, they are taught how to produce something that will emulate life as an artist more than their previous work as a student,” said Daniel Kaufmann, associate professor of art and design.

“This happens, really, their last year or last semester of their time here, so they’ve had all the experience of all their classes, and they have to make a body of work; they have to make multiple pieces around a single idea,” Kaufmann said. 

“And I think that more closely relates to the art world. That gets them to really think about their work more deeply,” Kaufmann said. “There’s a fair amount of research that goes into it to have a better understanding of their ideas, or how their ideas relate to history, culture etc. So, I think it’s just a deeper kind of experience for them.”

During the opening of the exhibition, students will give a brief talk discussing their work and those that helped them along the way. Students also designed postcards to promote the show and wrote their capstone statement and artist statement.