SGA Proposes New Crosswalk for Fifth Avenue

Emma Johnson, Student Reporter

The Student Government Association has proposed a new measure to install a new crosswalk for Fifth Avenue. 

“Many students must dodge two different alleyways to attend class at Corbly Hall,” interim senator Blayde Pinnell said. “The lack of a crosswalk makes the commute to class more stressful, especially during peak traffic hours.” 

Some students have voiced their concerns about the dangers of crossing the intersection at John Marshall Dr. and Fifth Avenue due to there being no crosswalk. 

“I feel a little uneasy because there can be a lot of traffic at this intersection during rush hour, and people tend to speed in this area making it unsafe for students just trying to get to class,” student Shelby Miles said.  

“I got the idea for this resolution because one day I was walking to class, and a vehicle was speeding by through the alleyway,” Pinnell said.  

This resolution shows support for a crosswalk being built at the alleyway between Corbly Hall and the Memorial Student Center, promotes safety and will make it easier for students going to Corbly Hall, said Pinnell.  

While this resolution is merely just the Student Government Association showing support for a crosswalk to be built for the safety of students and staff at Marshall University, nothing official has been released saying whether or not a crosswalk will be built there.