Marshall Hosts ‘Mochas With the Mayor’

Emma Johnson, Student Reporter

A successful treasure hunt is how Huntington’s mayor says he sees repeated visits to Marshall’s campus to talk with students.

“If I’m digging a hole in the backyard, and I find gold, I’m going to dig another hole, and I’m going to keep digging, and every time I come here, I find gold,” Mayor Steve Williams said. 

Williams recently visited Marshall University to hear ideas and concerns for the city from the student body. 

“By talking with the students, our message is very simple, and that message is that you are our residents,” Williams said. “Once you step off campus, you’re my responsibility.” 

What used to be called “Coffee with the Mayor” has now been changed to “Mochas with the Mayor.” These campus meetings with the mayor started back in 2013 after Williams realized the students of Marshall had valuable ideas and concerns for the city.

All students at Marshall University had the opportunity to stop by the student center and talk with Williams, along with Huntington Councilwoman Ally Layman to discuss concerns about the city and even ideas to help the city become better. 

“Marshall is a great part of our community, and the students have just as much voice as anyone else in the community,” Layman said. 

Williams also gave out handouts that highlighted all the current and future projects as well as the costs of these projects. 

With Marshall University being a big part of the city, giving students the opportunity to live their best quality of life in Huntington is important, Williams said.

“I also have a responsibility of when you’re about to graduate, and that is giving you a choice to stay or to go somewhere else while still having a love for Huntington,” Williams said. 

“We hope that students here at Marshall know that they have a mayor that represents them and is willing to listen to the needs of what they want on campus,” Layman said. “And that they have other council members that will listen and advocate for students here on campus whether they are from here or not.”

The next “Mochas with the Mayor” session is planned for Mar. 22 from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.