Countdown to Commencement: Jodi Hannah

Abigail Cutlip, Student Reporter

Inspired by the change her younger brother’s speech language pathologist made for him, one Marshall University spring 2023 graduate says that she “fell in love” with that career path because of his experience.

Jodi Hannah, a communication disorders major from Minford, Ohio, originally started her college career at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, but she transferred to Marshall after the completion of her first year.

“I just got a lot of my general education courses done there while I was still living at home,” Hannah said. “But I just knew that I’ve always had my heart set on Marshall. I just had to wait for that time to come.”

She initially wanted to attend Marshall because of their Department of Communication Disorders.

“My little brother growing up had a speech language pathologist that helped him in his school district and one-on-one therapy,” Hannah said. “I loved watching how she helped my little brother develop his communication skills, so that just made me want to do the same thing.”

Hannah didn’t let her late start at Marshall hinder her experience. She says that she was able to quickly make some of her closest friendships following her arrival.

“Meeting all of my new friends when I first came to Marshall is a core memory for me,” Hannah said. “I’ve had these relationships for three years, and I could see them being my lifelong best friends, and Marshall’s allowed me to have those.”

Hannah hopes that she will be able to continue her education after graduation at Marshall through their speech language pathology graduate program.

“Marshall has definitely become my second home,” Hannah said. “While I’m applying to grad schools, I’ve applied back to Marshall, and I’m hoping and praying I get to stay there because it has just been such a wonderful experience.”