Sustainability Club Creates Opportunities for Involvement

Joseph DiCristofaro, Student Reporter

A plastic-free campus is one of many sustainability-focused efforts led by the Sustainability Club for students to make their campus more environmentally friendly.

Plastic waste has been one of the main focuses of the Sustainability Club and its efforts on campus.

“The club has worked and advocated for the plastic free campus campaign,” said Kenlee Bonecutter, president of the Sustainability Club. “It was signed by former president Gilbert and pledged to be plastic free by 2026. The department is working hard to ensure that plastic alternatives are being brought to campus.”

Still working on the plastic-free campus, the Sustainability Club will be hosting a plastic bag drive throughout the semester where students can drop off plastic bags at East Hall.

“The club is working on our ‘plarn’ (plastic yarn) project to bring awareness to the fact that plastic bags are nearly impossible to recycle,” Bonecutter said. 

The efforts of the Sustainability Club hope to reach off-campus with this project.

“We are using the plarn to make sleeping mats to donate to organizations in the community to then give to unhoused individuals,” Bonecutter said.

The Sustainability Club is also responsible for a number of other changes on campus that students can engage with.

“All the recycling and compost bins, composting facility, free produce for students grown in the garden, the bike share and the butterfly and pollinator oasis are all at student’s disposal,” said Kenlee Bonecutter, president of the Sustainability Club. 

For students interested in a more hands-on approach, the Sustainability Club also gives members many chances to volunteer. 

“Students can volunteer their time in the garden and greenhouse,” Bonecutter said.