Alchemy Theatre Troupe to Host Second Annual New Works Festival

Bex Law, Student Reporter

Local writers and national authors will feature their original plays and film scripts at the second annual New Works festival by Alchemy Theatre Troupe this weekend. The Troupe calls Friday night’s presentation a “short attention span theater,” as it will feature performances written by seven different writers, as well as some work from the Huntington High School theater class.

Saturday night’s showcase is the short comedy “The Excursion” by Audrey Stanton-Smith, along with a performance of the play “One Night in Venice” by Sheila Redling and Lulu Smith. 

Featured writer Tyson Compton says he is most looking forward to seeing how his characters sound in person, rather than on the page.

“The point of it for me, since this is something I am currently working on, is to be able to hear your character come to life, to see if it’s realistic and if it’s working.” 

One of the benefits for the writers is the opportunity to hear feedback from the audience, the actors and the directors involved with their work. Compton is looking forward to seeing his work performed live for the first time.

“Is it touching where I think it is? Is it funny where I think it is? Getting that reaction will be great.”

Compton encourages all new writers to apply for next year’s festival, and Redling echoes his recommendation. One of Redling’s greatest hopes is that this event “inspires other writers to submit something for next year.”

“One Night in Venice” is a play about three sisters experiencing a life changing night. Redling wishes audiences will relate to this experience.

“I hope the audience has a blast seeing new and innovative theater: Theater that is interactive, quick and high spirited.”