Professor to Present in Italy

Bex Law, Student Reporter

Dr. Mark Zanter, of Marshall University’s School of Art and Design, was invited to present his paper titled “The Use of Markov Chains in ‘Ex Machina’ (2022)” at the 25th Generative Art Conference in Rome, Italy. Zanter’s paper examines probability matrices.

“Ex Machina” is a multi-disciplinary musical and visual experience that combines audio, visuals, light, movement and more. The piece was created by combining composed music and algorithmically generated music. Themes that pay homage to novels by Philip K. Dick and William Gibson are also included. According to Zanter, the piece generates an interplay between cyber fantasy, daily life and the real and virtual worlds. 

Celestino Soddu and Enrica Colabella are the hosts of the Generative Art Conference, which is a part of the Generative Art and Design Lab ARGENIA Association. The Generative Art Conference is a multi-disciplinary conference for artists, composers, designers, architects, filmmakers and more to network and showcase current work.

“It is a tremendous venue to meet and network with a wide variety of creatives from all over the globe,” Zanter said. 

A premiere of Zanter’s paper is slated for release in March of 2023.