Ben Chase Visits MU on a Mission to Break Record


Ben Chase

Ben Chase smiles with Chuck McGill, associate athletic director for external engagement and fan experience.

Chayce Matheny, Sports Editor

A college football fan is attempting to break the record for the most NCAA games a single person has been to in one season. 

Ben Chase, a name, image and likeness consultant originally from Orlando, Florida who currently resides in Tucson, Arizona, is on a massive college football road trip with the goal of hitting at least 60 or more games this season. 

He’s traveled over 18,000 miles and has been on the road for over 30 days. 

“I’ve been chasing a record road trip of 60 college football games; the record is 50 by two brothers in 2016. I honestly may hit 70; right now, I have 68 on my outline,” Chase said. “I’ve been doing crazy overnight road trips for years. I’ve driven from Orlando on a Friday night at a UCF game to an Auburn versus Alabama game on a Saturday night for the Iron Bowl.”

Chase added that he’s made other long road trips that don’t involve college football. 

“I’ve driven from Orlando to New York to San Diego to Cabo; in fact, I went from San Diego to Cabo overnight. That’s 21 hours, and I’ve never been to Mexico before, and I just drove through Mexico,” he said. 

Chase said this road trip is all about seeing other cultures, different schools and conferences.

“I went to the Virginia Tech game and saw Enter Sandman, and that was a really cool moment. This story is about seeing every opportunity I can,” he said. 

Chase uses his gym membership at Planet Fitness to keep up with his hygiene. 

“I have a gym membership I can use in different cities, and I’m lucky to be given six beds and six couches. The people I met up with during the Marshall game said they have an extra room for me, so that will be my seventh bed in 30-some nights. Otherwise, I go to Planet Fitness and walk into the shower then leave,” he said. 

When Chase arrived at the campus of Marshall University for the game against Louisiana, he said it felt like he was already a part of the Herd family.

“Coach Huff literally followed me on Twitter and messaged me saying ‘you’re going to have a great time,’ and the Marshall gear I wore was given to me,” he said. “I always ride with the home team, so I’m going to cheer my lungs out for Marshall.”

After the game, Chase gave his thoughts on Marshall’s performance and the stadium’s atmosphere.

“The atmosphere, obviously with being a Wednesday night game, the weather and the lightning delay: I think it took some air out of the stadium, and the team kind of came out flat after that. Still, from an overall experience standpoint, I haven’t had a better experience meeting people. I think I sat in over ten different places from the boxes to 103 and 204,” he said. “It was a special time even though the weather prevented it at points.” 

Chase added that he was happy that Marshall welcomed him with open arms. 

“I’ve been to 24 schools so far, and no school before I got to Marshall’s campus has been more engaging on social media and real life; I’ve got invited to more tailgates at Marshall than I did at my old school,” he said. “I would say without a doubt the fans, the alumni and the administration wanted to share Marshall and share Huntington with me.” 

Chase said he wants to spend more time in Huntington.

“I started my car this morning and told myself that I wanted to come back; if there weren’t a Thursday and Friday night game, I would just stay in Huntington for a bit.” 

Chase will be traveling to Morgantown next as West Virginia hosts Baylor Thursday at 7:00 p.m.