New Microscopes Come to Marshall’s Microbiology Lab

Morgan Pemberton, Student Reporter

Marshall’s microbiology lab received new microscopes, changing current and future students’ experiences in the biology field.

“The new microscopes will provide current and future students with access to some of the latest technology in light microscopy. These microscopes are equipped with excellent optics. This means it is possible for students to clearly image a wide range of microorganisms,” Dr. Wendy Trzyna, professor in the department of biological sciences, said. “Being able to clearly and accurately view samples enhances learning experience. The students are not only learning to use a scientific instrument that they might later use in the workplace or in their research projects provides a more real-world experience.” 

Trzyna said she knew immediately when she saw them at a conference of the American Society for Microbiology, that these microscopes would be an amazing tool for Marshall students to have. These microscopes will give students a “more thorough evaluation of the organism they are studying and will give the students an added level of accountability” according to Trzyna. 

The new microscopes have a camera which will allow students to take a picture and save it to their tablets or phones for future use. Trzyna said that these microscopes will allow students to use them in “their lab reports and notebooks and create an electric record of work they accomplished during their education.” 

The microscopes will be linked to a “central hub” so the professor can see the students work. It will also allow students to share their images with other students, so everyone knows what they are looking for when viewing an image.

“These new microscopes are a great addition to the college of science and a tremendous asset for Marshall University. Students considering studying at Marshall will know that state-of-the-art equipment is available for them to use in the biology department,” Trzyna said.