Walk For Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Megan Marie Gragg, Reporter

Students and faculty “Walk the Walk” for April (or Sexual Assault Awareness Month) at Marshall University. 

 “It’s a great way for people to show solidarity,” Alyssa Hager, the violence prevention and response coordinator, said. “This year, we took a different approach in making it a little less gender specific, that way people feel like they all can come out and join.” 

In years past, they have done many different events like “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” but the Walk the Walk event allows it to come across as non-gender specific. Many smaller events—like Teal Day—have led to this larger event to conclude the month of April. 

“This large event invites many of the community members, organizations on campus and we are also inviting Rape Crisis Center to come and accept any donations and to be a part of this event,” said Hager. 

The Walk the Walk event consisted of a mile-long walk around campus to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This event also passed out T-shirts and gave out resources to all participants.