Summer and Fall Registration Approaches

Grace Hewitt, Reporter

As the spring semester draws to a close, Marshall University’s summer and fall registration is quickly approaching.  

Seniors with 90 and above hours will enroll for classes April 4, juniors with 60-89 hours enroll April 5-6, sophomores with 30-59 hours enroll April 7-11, and freshman with 0-29 hours enroll April 12-15.  

“For new students I would express to them that they aren’t alone, they have an advisor to support them who makes sure you feel confident in the decision you’re making, for your courses and changes for next semester,” Sarah Davis director of undergraduate academic advising said.  

Davis said it’s always key to use campus resources such as your academic map and degree works to make sure you are on pace for graduation and to be conscious of any financial implications that might affect registering for classes.  

“If students haven’t met with their advisor yet, they need to schedule an appointment, some have walk in hours, some are doing by appointment. They should have a tentative schedule mocked up prior to the day registration opens so students can jump right into classes, “Davis said.  

Davis also shared some of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes time to register for classes whether that be for fall, spring, or summer.  

“Do check your holds, that usually gets students tripped up and you can do classes that morning without any trouble. Do be aware of prerequisites and co requisites therefore students don’t spend the day before registration opens dealing with that. Do give it genuine effort, and conscious decision-making course registration isn’t just sign up for classes and move on,” Davis said.  

Davis said some of the don’ts include not just signing up for any class, and fillers especially, and the most important don’t skip meeting with your advisor or career counselor.