Japanese Students to Visit Marshall

Grace Hewitt, Reporter

Middle schoolers from Nagasaki, Japan will meet with Marshall students through a new virtual classroom set up by the university’s Japanese Outreach Program this coming Thursday on Feb. 17. 

This virtual classroom will include different learning experiences, starting with the Japanese students introducing themselves using English and Marshall students introducing themselves in the Japanese they’ve learned.  

Akiko Praylow, Japanese outreach coordinator at Marshall, said that students have very limited opportunities to be exposed to a different language culture because of COVID-19.  

“The middle schoolers get to hear the English and talk to them directly. It’s a very inspiring event for them in Japan. For Marshall students, I think it’s a great first-time learning experience to have this event with the students in Japan,” Praylow said.  

Praylow said in Japan it could be a great opportunity for Marshall students to start thinking about career paths, if they want to study abroad or work in a different country outside the U.S. 

“It’s a very positive experience for both Marshall students and Japan students. It’s a great cultural exposure for them,” Praylow said.  

Praylow is one of the coordinators for the outreach program and said coordinating the virtual classroom is always fun, despite having to start from scratch every new time.  

“Since this is the first attempt, maybe we can expand to a different grade or country in the future,” Praylow said.  

Marshall students and middle schoolers in Japan have another chance to practice what they’ve been learning on February 17, West Virginia time at 6:45 p.m.