Marshall Joins U.S. Cyber Command

Brea Smith, Reporter

Recently, Marshall University has joined the U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) which, according to John Sammons, will give students and staff many opportunities in the field of cyber.  

Sammons has served as a member of Marshall University staff since 2008, and now he is the Chair of the Department of Cyber Forensics Security along with being an Associate Director of the MU Institute for Cyber Security. 

Marshall was selected to join the Cyber Command Academic Engagement Network based on a couple of qualifications, according to U.S. Cyber Command academic engagement information page. The information page says that to join USCYBERCOM, a university needs to be a two-year, four-year, or post-graduate degree institution with programs that align with the study and work in cyber.”  

The programs in cyber vary from journalism to robotics and plenty of other programs in-between. Being a member of the Cyber Command Academic Engagement Network presents opportunities for staff and students to participate in research projects according to Sammons 

These research projects will be beneficial in several different ways.  

First, this could lead to some very interesting research projects that students could get involved in,” Sammons said. “Second, those research projects are not only tremendous learning opportunities. Third, one of these research projects could lead to a security clearance. Having an active security clearance can be a major advantage in a job search. Fourth, this experience could be the beginning of a career working in the military or the U.S. Department of Defense.”  

The possibilities now open to Marshall as a result of joining the U.S. Cyber Command will likely prove extremely beneficial to students and faculty involved in cyber-related fields—from general computer science research, cyber forensics and cybersecurity—looking for work and research experience.