Impeachment Motion Fails Against SGA Pro-temp


Conner Woodruff

ARCHIVE: SGA Meeting from February 2022.

Conner Woodruff, News Editor

Marshall’s Student Government Association (SGA) motioned to impeach the organization’s active Senate President Pro-Tempore, Cameron Donohue. The vote failed to reach a two-thirds majority, however, with a final tally of 17-11 against and two people abstaining.

During the SGA’s weekly meeting on Tuesday, February 1, Senator Jessica Spoor moved to impeach Donohue at 4:36 p.m. on the grounds of incompetency and inefficiency. Within a 10 minute time limit, Spoor addressed Donohue’s attitude and work ethic.

“He routinely shows up late to events,” Spoor said. “He showed up an hour late to the fountain ceremony, which is disgusting.”

Other senators chimed in on the impeachment trial.

“We need a pro-temp that leads by example,” Senator Bella Robinson said. “I don’t need a pro-temp that sits up there [in his office] and vapes and has the Adderall bottle on his desk.”

“Cameron gets paid, so if he is doing his job he should be fine,” Senator Makena Rauch added. “You (Donohue) don’t have any respect for anyone’s time but yourself.”

Other senators commented on the unfairness of the impeachment itself.

“All I’ve heard for the last 20 minutes is personal attacks,” Senator Jacob Losh said. “Focus on the issues and what matters, not stupid stuff.”

Any member of student government that is impeached will not be allowed to hold any SGA office for an entire year and will permanently be banned from running for any “At-Large” positions according Article III, Section Five of the SGA Constitution. However, since the vote failed, Donohue will still be able to run for office in the upcoming election.

“I have not been the Pro-Temp I could have been,” Donohue said. “I only wish to empower you all.” In response to this, Spoor said, “I don’t know about that inefficient apology he gave a year or two too late.”

The procedure itself required a two/thirds anonymous vote among all SGA senators presided by Lisa Martin, Director of Student Conduct. The constitution’s section on impeachment also explains that any member of the SGA can be tried for impeachment.