Marshall Soccer Documentary Set in Place for National Champions

The Marshall men’s soccer team and fans can soon relive the Herd’s historic 2020-21 National Championship campaign with a new documentary in production. 

Videographer Casey Knopf will head the documentary’s operations. “Being around these guys has been the most fun I have ever had. They are all incredible,” Knopf said. “Forget soccer for a second, just as people they are incredible. Knowing I am putting in the work for people like that makes this whole process easy.” 

Knopf said the message and title of the documentary is “All or Nothing”.  

“This group 100% embodied what All or Nothing means,” Knopf said. “They could have settled with reaching the college cup, they could have settled with making it to a national championship but just making it was not enough. They either won it all or they won nothing. I hope I show that in this documentary.” 

Before the National Championship win, Marshall defeated powerhouse teams in the College Cup, including #23 nationally ranked Fordham University, #1 nationally ranked Clemson, the defending national champion and #8 nationally ranked Georgetown University, five-time national champion and #16 nationally ranked UNC, then finally #3 nationally ranked eight-time national champion Indiana University in the final. 

Fans will not have to wait long for this documentary to be available.

“It’s about 85% done as we speak,” Knopf said. “A few hiccups along the way have kept the documentary from being completed but it’s well on its way. I would assume students and fans will have access to it in October.” 

The documentary will include game highlights from throughout the championship campaign and behind-the-scenes action of the players and coaches, including over 10 cameos of Thundering Herd players. 

Knopf said this might not be the only documentary that he ever works on for the team. “The most exciting part is I have no doubts I’ll be making another one after this season,” Knopf said. “We are currently doing an in-season documentary series and the crew, myself, plus the team all have an idea of what the season finale looks like. That’s the best thing about all of this. Everyday I’m around a great group or people. I love it.”