Students Explore Majors at ECHO Fair

The Career and Major Exploration Fair, sponsored by the Careers in Education program at Marshall University, helps students explore different colleges and majors that are offered.  

According to Chris McDavid, director of careers in education, the event is about connecting students to make college career connections. McDavid said representatives from Marshall’s different programs attended so students can explore the majors available to them and talk with employers about work in each field.  

“It’s all about making that connection early as possible and inform decisions. So, they can choose an appropriate major for themselves,” McDavid said. “We have also invited some of the academic student organizations so they can make a peer connection with similar students. It’s all about making a connection and making informative decisions early.”  

MU senior shared their thoughts about entering the workforce after graduation. 

“If I didn’t have grad school plans, I would be scared to jump into the work force,” said senior Mitchell Hall.  

“I’m not really afraid to graduate since I am going to grad school directly after this semester since it’s my last one, so I still have about four more years to figure out what I want to do and where I am going in life,” said senior Kara Hill. 

“I’m not scared of graduating in the spring because there’s plenty of jobs available since people don’t want to work because of COVID-19,” said senior Ben Wheeler.