College of Business Hosts Virtual Sales Workshop

Marshall University’s Transformative Sales and Service Excellence Center in the Lewis College of Business is presenting on Sept. 22 a virtual sales pitch workshop from 1-2 p.m. to teach students to deliver an authentic virtual sales pitch over video.  

One of the important sentiments that the sales center wants to echo is that this is not just a workshop for transactional sales and business majors. Sam Click of Marshall University’s Fall 2021 sales team said the virtual sales pitch workshop is an excellent opportunity for students regardless of background.  

“A lot of entry level positions regardless of the field you go in will involve selling, even if it not transactional,” Click said. “ Every student has one major sales hurdle to overcome after graduating, and that is selling yourself to an employer to land that first job. The workshop really helps give tools and tips to students on how to position themselves best for these types of situations.”  

 Marlee Hutchinson, another member of the team, said the program can be useful for business majors. “These workshops are really beneficial to all majors,” Hutchinson said. “They’re especially resourceful for business majors because they teach you how to craft a compelling case whether you’re selling a service, a product, a mission, a business, whatever it might be.” 

Those interested in the workshop can scan the QR code on the Sales Team’s webpage on or click on the link listed on the same page as the QR code.