Greek chair talks event planning during COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to put normalcy on hold while restricting our everyday lives as we know it. Marshall University Greek life continues to find new ways to interact safely amongst themselves and other organization chapters, with pandemic guidelines in mind.  

Greek life thrives off of social interaction and unity within their own chapter and other chapters. These events usually take place through a sisterhood or brotherhood.

Delta Zeta sisterhood chair, Rachel Ferrell, takes pride in her chair. 

“I love my chair because it’s so fun seeing girls get excited to spend time together,” Rachel Ferrell said. “Sisterhood chair is very important to create a bond between each individual chapter as well as creating a unity between each chapter on campus.” These events are fun and an exciting way to get to know people in your chapter plus others involved in Greek life.  Marshall sororities are curating ideas amongst themselves. Anna Preston, Tri Sigma Greek relations chair, discussed her brotherhood and sisterhood plans with her chapter.

“We want to be as safe as possible during the times we are living in,” Anna Preston said. “Many of our events will be virtual or limited to a set capacity of brothers and sisters.”   

“We hope we will be able to meet face-to-face very soon, but now we need to look at the bigger picture,” Anna Preston said. “I am so excited to see all of the fun events we can plan.”  

For the time being, safety remains a top priority when it comes to planning these events.  

Catherine Blankenship can be contacted at [email protected]