Huntington Museum of Art provides quarantine art activities


Sadie Helmick

Marshall University students Lilly Dyer, a senior photography major and Emily Clements, a senior international affairs major recreating art by Debbie Hill.

Looking for ways to get creative during quarantine? The Huntington Museum of Art’s new social media challenge dares participants to recreate works of art while at home.

Sadie Helmick, education coordinator for HMA, said she adopted this idea from the Getty Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art, which have shared similar online challenges.

Huntington Museum of Art uses the replication of Minnie Adkins, Black Bear to challenge others to recreate their favorite pieces of art.

Those interested can visit and select the “Random Image” generator. Then, using people and items in their household, they’re encouraged to recreate whatever artwork they’re given.

“I thought this would make it more interesting if we just encouraged people to use that generator and have fun while at home,” Helmick said.

Those who have participated in this social media challenge are encouraged to share their images by using #HMOAatHOME, Helmick said.

“I just like how it’s getting people to think outside the box and giving them something different (to do) with their time,” she said. “We’re just encouraging people to use what’s available to them and use the members of their household. Because of social distancing, we don’t want anyone to put themselves in danger.”

Helmick said HMA is working to get community members involved with their art from home. The museum posted two online gallery tours, and while their trail system is still open, they are encouraging social distancing.

“It’s a really good way to get your mind off of the world,” Helmick said. “And also get the community more involved with the art and our museum, because the Huntington Museum of Art is really trying to get the community involved from home.”

Sadie Helmick
Marshall University student Emily Clements, a senior international affairs major, recreates

HMA also uploaded coloring sheets on its website, available in their education galleries.

“We’re encouraging people to go online on our social media and look for these things that we’ve made for the public,” Helmick said.

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