Marshall Artist Series brings unique entertainment experiences


Emily Hayslett

Scenes from Finding Neverland performed at The Keith Albee.


Emily Hayslett
Scenes from Finding Neverland performed at The Keith Albee.

Students at the show “Finding Neverland” said they were pleased that the Marshall Artists Series has given them the opportunity to see shows they might not have ever gotten the chance to experience.

“I would not be able to afford coming to these shows on my own, so being able have the student tickets is really nice, because now I can see all of these shows that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise,” said Kylie Lallemont, a student at Marshall University.

“Finding Neverland” was the most recent experience the Marshall Artists Series brought to Huntington, and it is a musical of how the playwriter J.M. Barrie came up with “Peter Pan.” The musical is based on the 2004 movie of the same name.

Emma Runion, a third-year student at Marshall, said she likes that the series brings in popular shows that she might not have ever been able to see had they not come to the Keith Albee.

“I think it brings a lot of culture a lot of people might not know about all these different things that play here,” Runion said. “ Like tonight, I had never seen the movie or heard anything about it, so it was interesting to learn the story of how Peter Pan was made and why it was made.”

Another member of the audience, Medeline Hayes said she enjoys the shows because they are so close by.

“There is nothing really close to us where you can get an experience like this,” Hayes said. “So it is nice to have this opportunity, especially as students having to pay for school, to have something affordable like this.”

This is the 83rd season for the Marshall Artists Series, making it the second-oldest university-based professional performing arts organization in the United States.

Emily Hayslett
Scenes from Finding Neverland performed at The Keith Albee.

The next experience coming to the Keith Albee through the Marshall Artists Series is the Spring International Film Festival from March 5-8. It will feature six foreign language films with English subtitles, including “Parasite,” the winner of the 2020 Oscars for “Best Foreign Language Film” and “Best Picture.” Each film will be shown twice during the three-day festival.

For tickets and the full festival schedule, those interested can call the Joan C. Edwards box office. Tickets can be picked up from 12 p.m.- 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Joan C

. Edwards box office. Tickets are free for full-time students with a student ID and half-price for part-time students.


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