Library event encourages students to write to troops

Marshall University Libraries are sponsoring an event throughout the week for those who are interested in writing Valentine’s Day letters filled with words of encouragement to our local troops from Jan. 27-31. 

Archivist and Digital Preservation Liberian Lori Thompson’s wife, who is part of the West Virginia Army National Guard, is currently deployed overseas for a year. The family readiness group for her unit came up with the idea to send valentine letters to the troops, Thompson said.

“I volunteered to have our library spaces have tables set up, so students could create those valentines to send overseas.”  Thompson said.

Morrow Library and Drinko Library have tables set up for students to write, color and add stickers to their cards that they write to the troops. 

Thompson said her wife is also an employee at Marshall University and these letters will have a special meaning to the troops because they will know they are from students and staff from Marshall.

“I’m sure that students here don’t often think about troops overseas being local,” Thompson said. “So, now they get a chance to send some good cheers to the troops, and to let them know that we are all thinking about them and thankful for their service.”

Students seeking more information about sending Valentine’s Day cards to troops may contact Lori Thompson at [email protected] 

Talor Bennett can be contacted at [email protected]