Students get crafty with hydro dip at DIY series event


Julianna Everly

Brooklyn Coleman, a sophomore elementary education major, made this Hydro Dip “B” at the DIY Hydro Dip event Nov. 20.

Students took a break from their schoolwork and got crafty Wednesday by dipping wooden objects into buckets of hot water and oil-based paints to create their own unique DIY designs. 

The Campus Activities Board’s monthly DIY event in the Don Morris Room was a Hydro Dip. CAB had different wooden objects, such as letters and animal figures, that students could dip using oil-based paints to create the hydro dip design. 

CAB does its DIY series every semester, and it is always highly attended, according to CAB member Wesley Monk.

“We had about 100 students in attendance last night, which is really good for one of these events,” Monk said. “Even though we’re really happy with that, we’d love to see even more students come to our events just because they are all aimed directly towards them.”

Uri Jones, a sophomore communication disorders major, attends CAB activities regularly and said she loves attending these events on campus because they are a great way to take a break from school and spend time with friends. 

The DIY Hydro Dip event included a main instructor who did a demonstration for everyone in attendance, and then the CAB members split up to their own tables and helped the students with what to do. 

“It was really nice because even after the big demonstration, there was a CAB member at each table to help us out if we got a little lost,” Jones said.  “They guided us through the whole process, and I think that helped the evening go smoothly.” 

When it comes to choosing the activity for each DIY event, CAB makes their decision largely by listening to student input, according to Monk.

“We really encourage the student body to give us ideas that they would like to see or even tell us what worked or didn’t work on a particular event that they came to, just so we can know what would be most enjoyable for students,” Monk said. 

CAB also keeps track throughout the year as to which events went well and which events need to be changed in the future. 

“Throughout the year, if we see something that we think would be good for next year, we either save it somewhere or write it down so we can remember it,” Monk said. “Then, at the end of the year, we get together and start programming for the next year.”

CAB’s next DIY event will be Punch Needle Embroidery at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 23 in the Don Morris Room. 

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