Educational tour in Europe offered as spring break option


Will Holland

Members of the Marshall community on a previous trip to Italy and Greece.

Spring break 2020 is a semester away but at Marshall University, some students have planned for an escape in Europe already. 

An educational tour in Italy and Greece for the spring break of 2020 has been set by the offices of Student Involvement and Community Engagement at Marshall University. Will Holland, director of community outreach and volunteer services, said this opportunity allows individuals to explore different parts of the world and brings valuable experience for students. 

“I traveled abroad when I was a college student, and I recommend this opportunity to everybody who can have it,” Holland said. “Travel abroad opens your mind up to new cultures, and you can see how the rest of the world looks. The employers are also interested to see that students have traveled or studied abroad on their resumes.”

The educational tour will be a 10-day trip from March 21 to March 30. During the trip, students will have a chance to explore well-known places in Italy and Greece, such as Florence, Rome, Athens and Delphi. The experience will cover airfare, transportation, accommodation, local guides and other services. 

Emilie Christenberry, a criminal justice major who registered for the trip, said that she has never been out of the states before and cannot wait to travel.

“I want to explore the cities and learn about each individual history and culture of a place,” Christenberry said. “I think if college students are willing and able to, they should take any opportunities to travel the world. Those opportunities don’t always come once college is over, and I think it’s important to take advantage of them.”

Other students said it offers a different perspective when a person goes overseas.

“It’s very different when you’re able to visit places in person instead of learning about them from a book,” Ankrom Sydney, a health science major, said. “And a few of my friends are going on the trip, too and we have never traveled before, so it’ll be fun to do together.”

The trip has received positive responses from the students in the past, and it is not limited to Italy and Greece. Holland said the trip could include New Zealand, Australia or some other countries in Europe and Asia in the upcoming years. 

“So far we have 12 to 13 students registered for a total of 20 spots. We are really excited,” Holland said.  

Students who are interested in the trip may attend upcoming meetings at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 24 or at 7 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 25 in Drinko 349 or visit their website at 

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