No-name band shares music with local Christian community


This band will not let the lack of a name stop them from sharing their music with those around them. With no name, but a passion for music, Marshall University alumna Ashley Young and current students Kaitlin Francis, Alena Adkins and Lydia Nutter have formed a band for which they someday hope to find a name.

Young, a 2018 graduate and current ninth-grade English teacher and violin player, said forming the band was the easiest part of the process since its members already knew each other from their membership in Baptist Campus Ministries on Marshall’s campus. 

“The four of us met through Baptist Campus Ministries at Marshall, where we played in the band together,” Young said. “Through Bible studies and band practice, we grew really close and really just enjoyed getting to hang out and make music together. Somewhere along the way, we decided to play at our home churches.” 

As friends prior to the band’s formation, Francis, a senior accounting major and singer, said music has made the women’s relationships stronger and has been the reason she believes they work so well together. 

“I love the girls, and they are some of my best friends,” Francis said. “We all work together really well and bring our own special gift to the group.”

Adkins, a graduate student majoring in business and singer/piano player, said she loves knowing that the women’s hearts are all in the same place when they perform. 

“It’s been really cool to sing and play alongside some of my close friends,” Adkins said. “It’s always fun singing and playing around with them. And I know their hearts are focused on singing and playing for the Lord.”

Having already traveled to several churches, the band hopes to continue to attend more in the Huntington area. 

“I hope that we can continue to sing at different churches in West Virginia,” Francis said. “So far, we have sang at Alena’s, mine and Ashley’s church, as well as New Baptist in Huntington.”

Young said the experiences that have come from being a member of the band and traveling with each other have been incredibly humbling. 

“This experience has been incredibly humbling and just really fun,” Young said. “It is a joy to laugh and make music with some of my best friends and get to serve God at the same time. We’ve gotten so much encouragement from the churches that we have played at, and it has been incredible to see how God has worked through us.”

Adkins said she believes each band prior to this one has pushed her to be the best musician she can be. 

“I’m currently in a gospel group called Gospel Heritage that’s been a family group of mine since I was little,” Adkins said. “I love being a part of this band as well because we get to glorify the Lord just the same. Kaitlin, Lydia, Ashley and I have, and we’re all a part of the BCM band and that experience was one of the best I’ve ever had. I’ve been pushed in each band, and it’s made me a better singer and musician.” 

The band may someday find its name, but for now, Francis said she hopes they can help the Huntington community and encourage those who listen.

“I hope that it helps the Huntington community by bringing more people into the churches and encourages other young adults,” Francis said. 

Meredith O’Bara can be contacted at [email protected]