Huntington gets in Halloween spirit with rock ‘n’ roll freak show

The town of Huntington got spooked in preparation for Halloween, Tuesday, Oct. 30 at V Club with the world’s largest touring rock ‘n’ roll freak show.

Hellzapoppin performed their own interpretation of circus sideshow acts with stunts that have been around for years from fire breathing, sword swallowing and walking on shards of glass.

Short E, performer and co-partner of Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue, said what makes his craft different is that it is an experience like no other.

“This is performance art as opposed to your typical medians,” Short E said. “And this is something you’ll never see again in your life and that you have never seen before.”

Short E said he loves the atmosphere and audience’s engagement and shock while performing on stage.

“Being on stage with the music, the lights, the sounds and the audiences reactions with cheers, and screams its rock star stuff that I live for,” Short E said.

Short E said he has been given the opportunity to travel the world because of touring.

“I get to see the world, we’ve been to 16 countries, 30 states, 2 provinces, and tonight was our 120th show this year, we’ve been busy,” Short E said. “And we just got back from the Philippines last month.”

Short E said Hellzapoppin has some connection with Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and he is excited to release his own figure in the museums.

“Lizard man has his statue in every Ripley’s museum, and I’m going to be joining him gradually this year and have my own wax figure as well in Ripley’s museums all over the world,” Short E said.

Casey Fitzwater, lead guitarist in Scroungehound, said being the opening act for Hellzapoppin was a new experience that challenged him and acted as a fun performance.

“V Club is our home base, but it was different tonight because it was tight and we were able to work with their equipment during our set and bring more fun to our performance, and there was a good crowd of locals,” Fitzwater said.

Fitzwater said the show went above and beyond his expectations.

“The show was honestly more than I expected, talking to the guys backstage was awesome because they were so down to earth then came on stage and were amazing,” Fitzwater said. “And thinking they do this three to four nights a week is incredible.”

Butch Hoppy, senior nursing major at Marshall University, said he was shocked to see Lizard Man in person.

“I’ve seen Lizard Man on TV before, and then seeing him in person shove a sword down his throat and corkscrew his tongue around it sideways was way better,” Hoppy said.

Hoppy said the performance allowed the city of Huntington to have a good time.

“Tonight brought together everyone from all over Huntington to the V club, and it was great looking around and seeing a ton of locals and neighbors,” Hoppy said.

Concluding their tour with John 5 from Rob Zombie and Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe, Hellzapoppin Circus SideShow Revue will return to the V Club in the spring.

Lillie Bodie can be contacted at [email protected].