Fall Wonders Hike takes residents through the parks and recreational parts of Huntington


Members of the Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District sponsored their annual Fall Wonders Hike Saturday morning at the Huntington Museum of Art.

The hike was free to the public and included members of the community of all ages dressed in their Halloween best. Members of the community hiked two miles throughout the trails owned by the museum. The trails span miles throughout the property, and each trail incorporates different pieces of artwork made by numerous members of the community including works by Marshall University students.

This hike is part of a series of hikes hosted by the Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District and the Huntington Museum of Art. Four different hikes take place throughout the year, one for each season.

“The hikes started in 2016 and we do hikes for fall, winter, spring, and summer,” said Cindy Dearborn, director of education for the Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District.

“It all started with the hot cocoa hike a few years ago, and it’s just been going ever since,” said Stacey Leep, recreation superintendent for the Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District. “The weather doesn’t always cooperate with the season, like today, but people still seem to really enjoy it.”

Leep said she has been involved with the trails for years and has used her experience to her advantage.

“I was at a site in Ohio where they did a hot cocoa hike, and it just seemed like the coolest thing and it was so much fun so we kind of brought it here and the first year we did it we had over 100 people hiking in the snow,” Leep said. “It was a huge success.”

Tour guides followed hikers as they split into three groups. During the hike, guides provided backstories and explanations of different attractions and artworks throughout each trail. After the hike participants enjoyed crafts and fall themed snacks and refreshments.

Dearborn said these hikes are a great community activity, and they continuously bring friends, families and newcomers together throughout the changing seasons.

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