International Housekeeping Week honors Marshall staff

For nearly three decades, Patsy Smith has worked as a Marshall University housekeeper, and as part of International Housekeeping Week, this week is an opportunity to thank her.

The purpose of International Housekeeping Week is to honor those workers who provide upkeep and maintenance, such as Smith.  Tyler Ferraino, area coordinator of Twin Towers East residence hall, said Marshall housekeepers play a key role in the support of students.

“Our housekeepers and maintenance staff are the blood of the building,” Ferraino said.

Although they may not be blood-related, a few housekeepers in TTE said they feel as if the students are their own.

“I really enjoy my students. That’s why I do it,” housekeeper Ruth Porter said.

Porter has been cleaning for 12 years at Marshall. Another housekeeper in TTE is Heather Hundley, who has been connecting with her students for 10 years. The housekeepers said they want to help students feel at home the best they can.

Residence halls on campus aim to create a safe and comfortable environment for students, Ferraino said.

“The housekeeping staff is invested in our residents because they love their students,” he said.  “The hard work they do for them should be recognized.”

Eli Asbury, a senior resident adviser in TTE, said he is also appreciative of the work the housekeeping staff does for his home.

“It is invaluable what they do for us,” Asbury said.  “It is very nice to have people who keep us from having to worry about cleaning everything when we’re trying to manage our schoolwork.”

Senior journalism student Alexia Lilly has lived in the residence halls her entire Marshall career, and she said she is grateful for the housekeeping staff.

“I really want them to know they are so appreciated by so many of us,” Lilly said.

Meg Keller can be contacted at [email protected].