Marshall University showcases women-centric art

Women from the Marshall University community showcased their women-centric art Thursday in the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” exhibition at Drinko Library.

“This was a collaboration with all the women’s groups on campus and the School of Art and Design to showcase Marshall women’s artwork,” Sabrina Thomas, instruction and research services librarian, said.

Over 90 pieces of artwork by 32 different artists were scattered around three floors of Drinko Library. The exhibition conquered any available wall space to celebrate female artists.

“There is inequality even in places you wouldn’t expect, like the arts,” Thomas said. “You think women would be close to equal to men but that’s not the case.”

Students, faculty and alumni work alike was displayed in the exhibition. 

“I have a piece displayed next to one of my art education professors’, which is amazing and empowering as an artist,” Kaitlin Donnally senior art education major said.

Every artists’ work told an individual story, while it also portrayed the central theme: empowering female artists.

“When you look at each piece separately they have their own message, but the joint message is powerful women,” Victoria Stingo, senior graphic design major, said.

The women who participated in the exhibition said they wanted to spread a message about women in the art world. They used this as a statement and said they hoped the message would live on.

“They say when you’re not invited to the table you create your own, and that’s what I’m helping to do here today,” Thomas said.

All the artwork from this exhibition will be displayed for the duration of the 2018 spring semester and a few pictures will be displayed permanently.

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