Sigma Stacks pancake dinner fundraiser set for Friday

Breanna Francis, Reporter

Sigma Sigma Sigma is preparing to feed hundreds of Marshall students with their annual Sigma Stacks pancake dinner fundraiser Friday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. at its house on 6th Avenue.

For the first time, the members of Tri Sig decided to give the fundraiser a theme: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The movie will be played alongside a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” playlist, and themed décor will be put up around the house.

“’Sigma Stacks’ is our excuse to eat great food all night with old friends and new, while also raising funds for our philanthropies,” Sabel Meadows, philanthropy chair and senior pre-med biology student, said. “We are hoping the fact that we chose to put a theme onto it this year will set it apart from other campus events and really get people excited to come see what we’ve got going on. We love food and cooking, and this is a great way to combine all of that while doing good for the community. Everyone seems to love it just as much as we love putting it on.”

This year’s dinner is only the third time that the fundraiser has been done by Tri Sig, but, according to Meadows, it has quickly become their most popular event of the year.

“We have been doing ChiliFest for about 30 years versus only three of ‘Sigma Stacks,’” Meadows said. “And, while we are working events, like ChiliFest, we have people come up and ask us constantly when we are going to start selling tickets for stacks. It’s our most popular event and just a fun one to put on.”

Mackenzie Wright, junior social work major and member of Tri Sig, said this event is the best way for students to get involved and get to know the Greek world while giving back to the community.

“(It’s) a great way for students that aren’t in the Greek system to help give back to charities while enjoying good food and getting to know us as individuals, not just our letters or the negative beliefs about sororities,” Wright said.

The members of Tri Sig said they plan to beat last year’s sales of around $3500, with a goal of $4000 this year. Members said all of the funds from the event go to their two philanthropies, The Foundation and The March of Dimes.

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