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So, my boyfriend of 1.5 years is long distance, and it’s been like that for the majority of our relationship. We completely trust each other. I’m not worried about anything like that at all, but what I’m asking for advice is that each time we have to say goodbye for one of us to go home/back to our own school, I get super weepy and depressed for 1-2 days after. He’s not even that far away now, just a few hours, but how can I try to reign in the tears each time?

Long distance relationships can be so difficult — I know from experience. Please know that it’s okay to let yourself be weepy and miss your boyfriend! You have been in a relationship for a long time, and I know it isn’t easy separating from someone you’re so close to when you’ve finally gotten to see them. My advice is to try to find some things to take your mind off the sadness when you have to be apart. Only you know what these distractions can be, but I encourage you to try things that are good for your physical and mental health! It may be easy to turn to junk food or solitary pajama-lounging in your alone time, but try signing up for a class at the Rec or at a local yoga studio, take a hike at Ritter or Barboursville Park, find a club or group on campus or get a group of friends together to play games. If you can replace some of the bad energy and loneliness with something to look forward to or something that makes you feel good, it may be a little easier. And don’t be too hard on yourself if you do get a little weepy, it’s normal to miss the people we love.

Hi, I’m a guy who has received multiple nude pictures of a girl I know that I neither asked for nor wanted to see. I have repeatedly told her that I hate her and I’m uninterested but still she persists. What should I do about this situation? Don’t you think it would be called sexist if the situation were reversed? Interested to know your opinion. Thanks.

First, I encourage you to block this person’s phone number or remove and block her from social media. I consider sending unwanted nude photographs a form of sexual harassment, no matter the gender of the sender or receiver. To answer your second question, no. If the situation were reversed it would not be called “sexist,” it would be called sexual harassment all the same.

How do I balance school, work, friends and my relationship? It feels like when one thrives, the others suffer. I don’t want anyone to think I am ignoring them or being cold, but I also don’t want my grades to suffer.

My life-saver and best friend is my planner. Blocking out your time visually and writing down the things you want to remember — homework, work schedules, date nights and friendship obligations — can help keep things straight. It might not feel romantic to block out time for dates or alone time with your partner, but if you’re very busy, making a schedule can be the best way to make sure you see your significant other. Same goes with friends. You sound like you’re trying to be a great partner and friend, but don’t forget that, sometimes, you have to put yourself first. Be open with your friends and partner if you’re feeling stretched too thin. Tell them that you want to spend time with them, but that you have a lot going on. Most people can relate to that, especially college students.

This column is the opinion of one person and is not a substitution for professional help. Free counseling services are available to all Marshall students on the first floor of Prichard Hall.

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