Dan O’Hanolan Essay Competition draws a close

Kyra Biscarner, Reporter

Students were able to practice their writing and critical thinking skills with this year’s Dan O’Hanolan essay competition.

The competition is held annually by the Simon Perry Center for Constitutional Democracy. Director Patricia Proctor said the essay competition provides students with a unique opportunity.

“It’s an opportunity for students to grapple with the challenging issue, to practice their critical thinking and writing skills and to possibly win a significant prize,” Proctor said.

According to the website, the competition was established in 2009 to honor retired Cabell County Circuit Court Judge O’Hanolan and as a way to focus on the constitution.

This year’s essay question was, “What limitations, if any, should there be for invited speakers on college campuses?” Proctor said she believes students should have a topic that is relevant to their daily lives.

“It’s a very relevant issue in the news and I think it’s good to have a question where students can actually relate constitutional rights to the issue that seems relevant to them,” Proctor said.

The essay’s deadline was Sept. 1. A reception will be held for the winners of the competition Sept. 25.

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