The Press Club Provides Community with All Ages Venue for Live Music


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The Press Club of downtown Huntington is the home of live music every Friday from 8 to 11 p.m. The Press Club is a restaurant during business hours and showcases local artisans before every show.

Charleston, West Virginia based band, Noise, recently performed Jan. 31.

“To put it simply, we’re about creating freedom in whatever club, bar, room or space we’re occupying,” Noise guitar player Austin Stewart said.

Stewart said the three bands who performed on Jan. 31, Noise, The Dead Frets and Shenanagram, try their best to book shows together whenever they can. According to its Facebook page, Noise is a self-proclaimed fiercely independent rock outfit, which Stewart said formed through a linking of mutual friends.

“There’s a freedom in the space, because music is universal,” Stewart said. “Even if people can’t agree on something, they can enjoy the music. It breaks down barriers.”

“You and the crowd feed off each other, and there is something really special in that,” said Devan McDaniel, Noise drummer.

McDaniel and Stewart also discussed their favorite aspects of performing.

“Performing is what you practice for,” McDaniel said.

“Everything else goes away when you perform,” Stewart said. “You can just sit back and watch it as it happens. It all forms one organism.”

Shenanagram is an alternative indie band from Huntington, West Virginia.

“Our message is that we fill a void we see within the local music scene,” said guitarist and vocalist Mason Hart. “We play what we want to play, because we like to.”

Hart said the group’s current band members used to play in other bands for years, but then came together to form Shenanagram.

“After performing, everyone likes you, everyone is your friend,” said bass player Ian Noble. “It’s nice to be able to connect with everyone like that.”

Shenanagram’s double single “Mayor of Where/I Got Nuthin,” is available to download and stream on their official pages.

The Dead Frets is a local alternative band. Guitarist and vocalist of the band Tyler Cooper said the band formed after he was already in a group with another member.

“Garrett (Kee) and I were in a band together, but we broke off from it,” Cooper said. “We played with two electric guitars for about two years. Then, we found Jeff McClelland, our drummer, and Sarah Cooper, our bassist.”

“Each one of our songs takes on a specific feeling and sound,” Cooper said. “Each song can be a different genre, so each song covers what that genre is all about.”

Guitar player Kee added, “The music is a way to get away from what’s hard in life, and it’s nice to be able to do that with your friends.”

“Playing with friends on stage is really fun,” McClelland said. “We have a different bond with each other on stage.”

Special shows like the one Jan. 31, and the other shows that are every Friday night, make the Press Club a space where music lovers can gather for live shows every week.

Alexia Lilly can be contacted at [email protected]

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