CAB gets comedic

Realness, laughter at CAB sponsored comedy show by Tracey Ashley

Britanie Morgan, Reporter

Comedian Tracey Ashley hit the stage Monday in the Don Morris Room for an enthusiastic audience.

Members of the Campus Activities Board met the comedian while attending the National Association for Campus Activities conference. CAB coordinator Lee Tabor said her act was one he thought Marshall University students would enjoy.

“We actually got to see her perform there and got a taste of her comedy, which was very real, very true,” Tabor said. “It’s from her own life, her own experiences, so we thought it would be an interesting perspective to bring to the students.”

Ashley said her jokes are derived from her family and the students she meets on her campus tour. She said her content is all about her life.

Ashley said she enjoyed the energy and diversity Marshall students brought to the show.

“There were a lot of foreign students in here,” Ashley said. “I know these jokes work better if they spoke English, but I was watching most of them and they appreciated it. What they got, they got.”

Ashley also said she appreciated how warm and excited the students were when she arrived.

“When I got here, (the students) all were just so great,” Ashley said. “Everyone was so kind.”

Emily Williamson was in the audience and said she enjoyed meeting Ashley after seeing her on “Last Comic Standing.”

“I thought it was funny,” Williamson said. “I saw her on ‘Last Comic Standing,’ so I was already a fan of her.”

Tabor said Ashley’s performance was just what he expected—real and funny.

“I thought it was very much on point,” Tabor said. “Being able to bring real world experiences and put a comedic spin on it and be able

good giggle is always good.”

Makenzee Ruley also attended the comedy show. She said she enjoyed the personal experiences Ashley brought to her act.

“She was really funny, and she had a really good energy,” Ruley said. “She just spoke about her life, and that was funny.”

Ashley said she really enjoyed being at Marshall and interacting with the students.

“It was a really good show,” Ashley said. “I had a lot of fun.”

Ashley stayed after her show to sign autographs and talk to students about the show. She said she likes to draw inspiration for future shows from her audience’s suggestions.

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