Brad Goodall talks local music

Families who jam together, stay together. That’s the mantra local musician Brad Goodall, who sings and plays piano in the prominent Huntington rock band Ona, lives by.

Goodall said he got into music through his parents, who always had pianos and guitars in his house. After receiving his first drum set for Christmas in 6th grade, he never stopped playing. While he started with drums, Goodall said his true love will always be the piano.

“Always and forever,” Goodall said. “I take the piano more seriously. I studied in college and learned it on a much deeper level… I guess I respect it more.”

Goodall attended Marshall for roughly two and a half years with a major in jazz piano performance

While Goodall was residing in New York, he got an offer from his friend’s in Huntington that he couldn’t turn down—to play the keyboards in Ona.

Goodall said one of Ona’s most rewarding shows has been blocks from campus at The V-Club.

“I enjoy the bigger shows because they feel like you have to prove something or give people a reason to believe in something that deserves some attention,” he said. “But, I have fun at the smaller shows. As long as the crowd is into it, we’re having fun.”

Ona played a show at Pullman Square earlier this summer.

“It was packed. It was crazy. It was so great to play a downtown all ages show like that, that way folks who aren’t so into the night clubs and being out until 2 a.m. can come hear what we do. We loved the show,” Goodall said.

Goodall said the best thing about playing for a local band is that you have people you’ve known your entire life rooting for your long term success.

“A small town or really any city really can kind of get on board and be a fan and sort of hoist you up so you can grow and play further and further away from town,” Goodall said. “The goal is to be able to play everywhere, but you can’t do that unless you have that home team rooting for you. Well, maybe you can, but it definitely helps.”

Gooadall also plays independently as a solo artist, releasing singles and EPs every so often.

Karima Neghmouche can be contacted at [email protected].